Delivery Information

Shipping Date

Every effort is made to comply with scheduled shipping dates; however, Murdock Manufacturing is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of delay in delivery of any of its products due to causes beyond the control of the company. When a customer order is scheduled and in production, changes in shipping date can only be honored by written notice, with the understanding that any charges incurred will be charged to the purchaser and rescheduling can only be made on the basis of factory convenience.

Transportation Claims

The responsibility of Murdock Manufacturing ceases upon delivery of goods in good order to transportation company, and all goods are shipped at consignee’s risk and consignee must file freight claims for losses or damages in shipment. For consignee’s protection, shipment should be inspected immediately upon receipt. If any damage is visible - regardless of consignee’s opinion as to whether it is damaged or defective, consignee must have shipment inspected by the delivering carrier, and inspection report must be made.


No claim for failure to receive shipment will be honored unless Murdock Manufacturing is notified within a reasonable time after receipt of invoice. No claim for shortages will be honored unless Murdock Manufacturing is notified within five working days after receipt of shipment.