Pet Fountains

Murdock pet water fountains are the smart choice where a thirsty pet can drink
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Outdoor Drinking Fountains & Bottle Fillers

Wherever the trail leads, Murdock is there.
Keeping Crisp, Chilled Water Within Reach


Murdock's EZReach® Compact Surface Mounted Chilled Bottle Filler is perfectly sized to deliver fresh water to little ones.

Save time. Save Money.

Murdock's Maintenance Advantage

Indoor Bottle Fillers
BFEZS168 EZReach™ Refrigerated Compact Surface Mounted Bottle Filler
from $1,599.09
H2O-To-Go!® indoor water bottle refill station BF15
Wall mounted push button H2O-To-Go!® indoor water bottle refill station
BF15 Push Button Water Bottle Refill Station
BF1SC Universal Compact Bottle Filler, Push Button Operated
BF2SC Series Universal Compact Bottle Filler, Sensor Operated
BF158 Refrigerated Push Button Bottle Filler

H2O-to-go! Bottle Fillers

A Design as Refreshing as the Water it Serves

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