Pet Fountains and Showers

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    Murdock® pet drinking fountains and showers provide convenient stations for pets to hydrate and clean up after a fun day at the park. As most of our products are made from durable stainless steel, our outdoor dog water fountains and outdoor dog showers are the perfect addition to any dog park and pet-friendly space.

    Shop our selection of pet fountains and showers available for online ordering below.

    In addition to these products, many pedestal outdoor products can be outfitted with pet fountains-
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    8 products
    M-PM14 Series Pet Fountain with Hose Bibb
    GRT75-PF Series Round Outdoor Stainless Steel Pet Fountain
    GRT75-PF Series Round Pet Fountain
    M-PM34 Series Round Pedestal Push Button Pet Fountain
    M-PFS Square Pedestal with Cast Aluminum Pet Bowl
    GUT19-PF Concrete Round Pet Drinking Fountain
    GU Series Concrete Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain Drawing
    GUT19-PF Concrete Round Pet Fountain
    M-PM54 Series Pet Shower with Dual Hose Bibb and Hose Holder
    M-PM74 Series Dual Push Button Pet Fountain