Refund and Warranty

Returned Goods

No material shall be returned without written permission. When granted, no credit will be issued until purchaser supplies correct invoice number and date covering original shipment of material. All material must be returned freight prepaid. All credits, when issued, are subject to a 35% handling charge.

Limited Warranty

Murdock Manufacturing warrants that all of its products are guaranteed against defective material or poor workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment. Murdock Manufacturing’s liability under this warranty shall be discharged by replacing without charge F.O.B. City of Industry, California, any goods, or parts thereof, which appear to the company upon inspection to be of defective material or not of first class workmanship, provided that claim is made in writing to the company within reasonable period after receipt of the product. Where claims for defects are made, the defective part or parts shall be delivered to the company, prepaid, at City of Industry, California for inspection. Murdock Manufacturing will not be liable for the cost of repairs, alterations or replacements, or for any expense connected therewith made by the owner or his agents, except upon written authority from the Murdock Manufacturing City of Industry office. Murdock Manufacturing will not be liable for any damages caused by defective materials or poor workmanship, except for replacements, as above provided. Buyer agrees that Murdock Manufacturing has made no other warranties either expressed or implied in addition to those above stated, except that of title with respect to any of the products or equipment sold hereunder and that Murdock Manufacturing shall not be liable for general, special or consequential damages claimed to arise under the contact of sale. With regards to fixtures coated with Murdock Manufacturing Enviro-Glaze®, all warranties are void unless fixtures are maintained in accordance with notice attached to each fixture.